Couture Afrique is the brain child of two childhood friends; Roland Ohene-Amoako & Antoine Mensah, who with goals to share with the world their love of their African culture, Noticing there is no better way to do so other through fashion, the duo after a few years of acquiring knowledge and skills came up with the concept of “Couture Afrique”; France phrase translating to fashion Africa. With the business aim to connect African inspired designers with the right markets globally, the duo decided to embrace, share and celebrate our culture through fashion.
We aims to successfully achieve the status as a global retailer of African Cultural designs.Becoming a global online fashion retailer of African Cultural Fashion; allowing multiple premium brand designers to display and sell their products on this large scale platform; introducing to people the latest African fashion trends. CA also provides their own branded cultural collection. The style and elegance of CA’s own Collection births a new creation reflecting and evoking the creativity and imagination of a Ghanaian heritage. The blending collaboration of the traditional art of African culture with an influence of modern continent styles.

CA’s mission is embracing and sharing our beautiful African culture through our fashion with the world. As a company founded and managed by proud Africans who love their culture, giving the world an experience of African through our fashion, on a platform everyone gets to pick what they like on our platform of fashion designers with various apparel inspired by Africa.

Your Taste…Our Innovation…Their Creativity TM